My School


The name my school is Ananda College, Colombo.  It is a boys’ school.  My school is very big.  My school is situated in Maradana.  My school principal is Mr. Kithsiri Liyanagamage. There are hostels in my school.  There is a very big auditorium in my school.  It is the best auditorium in the Western province.  My school is 127 year old.  There are about six thousand students in my school.  There is a primary section in my school.  I love my school, I wish the best of luck to my school.    




My name is Chanuka Sankalpa.  I am nine years old.  I go to Ananda College.  My mother’s name is W. A. D. Anula.  My father’s name is U. G. Nalan. My country is Sri Lanka.  My favourite colour is blue.  My favourite sport is chess.  My favourite book is Famous Five.  My favourite vehicle is car.  My favourite subject is mathematics.